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The demise of ezboard - forums


For years, EZBoard was a area that obtainable moderately cheap and easy to assert forums for managers. In effect everybody could register, design, and arrange a site and bid their contacts to participate. Indeed, some of the chief forums on the internet are built upon EZBoard. Unfortunately, a hot system-wide hacking argue with has cracked the company's reputation and sent many managers packing. Let's look at the august cooperation and the fatal flaw that has toppled the ballet company from its perch.

At one time EZBoard boasted over 14,000 web communities. Many were in progress by folks looking for a conversation forum for their darling topics, while others were on track by affair colonize such as myself. The reasons businesses were attracted to EZBoard were two-fold:

1. We were not clued-up adequate about PHP to build and deal with a site for ourselves, and

2. We did not want to go because of the amount of hosting our site on a committed head waiter and, instead, used EZBoard's vast bank of computers to house our communities.

Admittedly, aim #1 was a huge part of why I stuck with EZBoard. Sure, I knew about vBulletin and connected forums but purchasing a abandon from them and organization the site on a committed attendant was a costly option, above all since at one time I was administration more than a dozen forums! I could alias the adaptable charges incurred from being with EZBoard by paying my subscription charges on any a quarterly, semi-annually or even yearly basis. I doubt that I hollow out more than $500-600 in any given year, so it was cost helpful for my business.

I ought to have known that EZBoard was not quite up to the task when their coordination shut down for quite a few days in Bound 2004 after what was believed to be a clean system-wide bring up to date of the forums. A few hours of down time was comprehensive to quite a few days and forum administrators were left in the dark for all of that time. More importantly, many forum members unsaid the worst and peppered many an administrator's inbox with queries. Those days were not fun; EZBoard did get back and gave managers credits exceeding the digit of days they were down. Still, if you relied on AdSense revenue -- like I do -- you lost big time.

History was to go over itself on May 30, 2005, when a reported beyond act of violence by hackers brought down EZBoard altogether. Yes, the boards were still working, but the bulk of mail were gone and any new ones also began to disappear. EZBoard admitted just about closely they were hacked and were effective attentively to fix the 9000 boards affected. Soon, however, the news came out that much of their endorsement files were hacked as well. Forum managers wondered if EZBoard kept all their files on vulnerable servers or if the argument was done internally. Letters from EZBoard management were vague "in the activity of security" so no one knew for sure.

As the days agreed and forum managers realized that the restoral administer would only be half-done and take weeks to accomplish, a steady barrage of managers began to hit the php sites to see about affecting their boards. With consternation I visited the PHPBB2 site deliberate that my skillsets were inadequate in this area. However, I soon erudite that this detail course was open basis -- in effect, free -- and the Flash tutorials explained the whole thing obviously and effectively. So, in one late afternoon I set up the new site, transferred some files, and gave it a launch.

The best part? In the two years since I was with EZBoard my hosting business for web pages had upgraded their site an adequate amount to be able to house my implication boards. So, as a replacement for of having web pages on one ma?tre d'h?tel and my forums on another, I could house them collectively. Most importantly, I would no longer have to rely on EZBoard's flawed backing plans and could endorsement all the files myself.

I still have one EZBoard convergence and I may keep it, for now. It is a small, but very well conventional where it is "sitting" and I lost only 4 or 5 files under the attack. Two of my sites I transferred to PHP and two others I certain to obliterate as they were slower performers. Fortunately, I had gotten rid of more than a few smaller, no the stage sites earlier. Still, I felt the pain of EZBoard's hacking clash and certain the time to move was now.

So, what is the hope of EZBoard? That is hard to tell. They are shows potential a major upgrade which would bring in the capacity allowing managers to back up their own sites. That would be a very good move. However, the administrative costs with EZBoard now exceed what managers pay with many average web hosting companies. Few sites are large adequate to command a enthusiastic server, consequently many managers will possible be concerned about creation the move away.

I was twice bitten from EZBoard and did not elation a third hit, thus my two main sites are now with PHPBB2. The move was time consuming, but the new board has many more complex skin texture compared to EZBoard. Sure, I have more administrative clothes to do -- like help AOL users who have exertion signing up -- but I no longer am business to the whims of EZBoard. I am glad that a major risk dynamic has been distant even with the better administrative responsibilities. You will be too if you choose to make the move.

Matt's two communities now hosted with PHPBB2 are located at http://aviationemploymentboard. net/forum and http://corporateflyer. net/forum


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